About Us

Mediaforafrica.net is my website. It is mandated to deliver high quality public news, education, and entertainment to all people around the world by means of sharing my YouTube videos using  my YouTube Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/LAVDCTV. Our videos tend to inform people, educate them and mostly share African music, tradition and culture.

As an Online website based in New York at www.mediaforafrica.net we think that it is our duty and responsibility to promote the African news, arts and culture through our various popular programs. Lots of types of African breaking news shared on this website to create an environment that attracts the kinds of views and listeners who love Africa, African people and their culture. We operate on YouTube and on our two websites www.mediaforafrica.net and www.lavdc.net , 24/7.

We are fully providing information and education mainly to Students, education institutions for English and French speaking communities. Giving opportunities and details on how to be culturally sensitive by leaning and sharing divers experiences.

Here are our 3 online platforms:

1. https://www.youtube.com/user/LAVDCTV

2. www.mediaforafrica.net

3. www.lavdc.net

Need African breaking news, please stay tuned.